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Best Mobile Application Development Tools

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Mobile Application Development Tools

In today’s business environment, mobile applications have become indispensable parts of all businesses, regardless of whether the business size is big or small. With the proliferation of mobiles across almost all sections of people, businesses find it a convenient way to connect with their target audiences through interactive mobile applications.

It is due to the ease mobiles provide businesses to connect with their consumers, more and more businesses are including mobile applications in their marketing strategies. With a mobile application for your business, you can:

  • Be visible to consumers round the clock
  • Establish a direct marketing channel
  • Provide values to customers
  • Build brand recognition and loyalty
  • Engage customers

What are Mobile Application Development Tools?

It is simple. You can create mobile applications using mobile application development tools, which are of two categories—native and cross-platform.

With native mobile development tools, you can develop specialized applications that utilize all features of the respective operating system. And, with cross-platform tools, you can create generic applications which will work on every operating system. You can use either of the tools taking into account your specific requirements.

What are the Best Mobile Application Development Tools?

There are a number of mobile application development tools to choose from. To make your task easier in choosing an appropriate tool, we list as well as discuss the following tools:

Android Studio

Android Studio is a useful mobile application development tool built by Google. A native mobile application development tool, it is easy to use with the availability of shortcuts for coding as well as designing. Drag and drop features are also available that reduces the coding time for developers.


AppCode is a native mobile application development tool compatible with the iOS and macOS operating systems. It supports the programming languages—Objective-C, Swift and C/C++ –and also the web technologies– HTML, JavaScript, XML, CSS, and others. AppCode provides several benefits to developers for saving their time and increasing their productivity, such as automating routine tasks, locating and fixing errors and many more.


A cross-platform mobile development tool, Appcelerator enables the use of a single JavaScript codebase for developing rich mobile applications.  The tool also provides real-time mobile analytics to enable developers to monitor user engagement. Appcelerator helps developers to speed up their application developments and testing through optimized APIs.


Xamarin is a cross-platform mobile development tool for building native iOS, Android and Windows applications for mobiles using a single shared .NET codebase and Visual Studio tools. With several useful features, like code editing, refactoring, debugging, testing and cloud-publishing; Xamarin is a useful and convenient tool for developing mobile applications for your business.


Ionic is not only an easy-to-use but also easy-to-learn mobile development tool. It enables developing high-quality mobile applications for native iOS and Android from a single codebase. A cross-platform mobile development application, Ionic enables developers to build mobile applications with ease.


Since you cannot miss the mobile application race, you should start developing one, if you do not have any. You can choose any of the tools mentioned here.

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