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Negative keyword match and its types

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Negative Keywords


Negative keywords help in refining the bidding process and helps the user to bid only on the intend search list without spending too much in the wrong place. For instance, if you are looking forward to attracting buyers who are interested in buying jackets but you do not deal in jeans jackets, by adding the negative keyword ‘jeans’ can help you to get rid of unwanted and useless clicks by those leads who are looking for jeans jackets.

This would help you to save more budget for the customers who are looking for the jacket made up of leather or any other material in which you deal. There is various classification of negative keywords which are commonly used.

To understand the concept better, you need to exactly know the difference between the various negative keyword match types and the process in which they work. Well, in this article, we will be dealing with the various types of negative keywords and its basic working procedure.

The negative broad

A keyword which is negative broad matched is a keyword with special settings. It allows the user to exclude the ad from the searches even if all the words of the keyword phrase are placed in a definite order. Basically, in this case, the negative keyword is put up in such a manner that will bar the appearance of the ad of your business even if the exact keyword phrase is used in the search query.

For example, you are dealing with a business where you sell running shoes. However, when the user types the keyword, “shoes for running”, the ad of your company will not show up. Instead, a filter will be applied which would keep away all the ads from showing up on the user’s request of running shoes.

The negative phrase

Well, the negative phrase match keyword helps in excluding the ad of your business from the search result of the user. Even if the user types the exact keyword phrase while searching for any information, negative phrase helps in keeping back the ad.

Unless the search contains all the words of the keyword phrase in the correct order, the advertisement would not pop up. Usually, the negative keyword is designated as the phrase match when the quotation is present around the phrase. However, if anyone searches for any single term of the selected negative phrase, the ad may appear.

The negative exact

In the case of exact match keyword, you are allowed to slash down your ad for the searches which are undertaken even with the exact key-phrase without any extra words. The negative exact process helps in the elimination of a very small amount of traffic as it has the capability of excluding only the searches which exactly match to the keyword.

These were the three types of negative keyword matching popular. However, you need to keep this in mind that if the words are misspelled, used in different noun form or abbreviated, the negative keyword pattern does not work. Moreover, the average size of a negative key-phrase in Google should not be more than ten words including both articles and pronouns. Using negative keywords is considered as an amazing idea if you want to keep back the element of confusion.

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