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Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a method adopted for website optimization. It involves a large number of activities that are implemented by business owners to grab new visitors by driving traffic from other sources to their own websites.

In social media optimization, the powerful word of mouth gets viral via social networking, video marketing, blogging and social bookmarking sites. The businesses thus improve their visibility as well as online presence, while expanding their reach to the targeted network while promoting their brand, products and services in the most effective ways.

Advantages of SMO-

  • SMO creates a powerful online compliance of customers, and thus augments sales and drives more profits.
  • SMO creates brand awareness by exploring limitless opportunities in the market.
  • SMO helps in building up of meaningful interactions with potential buyers through bogs and forums.
  • SMO provides you with a profuse collection of fruitful back links that capacitate your ranking to be visible in the top searches across cyberspace.

If you are also operating a business and have been contemplating over the idea of harnessing the power of social networks, then it’s really a high time to embrace it. Nobody can deny the power of social media as it is an unfailing tool to promote your brand, products and services.

We provide you in-depth knowledge of SMO & SMM methods & techniques.

Programme Highlights

Facebook Marketing:

• Creating Facebook page
• What Can You Do With Facebook
• Uploading contacts for invitation
• Increasing fans on business page
• How to do marketing of business page
• Pages (Dos and Don’ts)
• Increase Fan engagement
• Difference between Group & Page
• Facebook advertising
• Types of Facebook advertising
• Best practices for Facebook advertising
• Understanding facebook best practices
• Creating Facebook advertising campaign
• Targeting in ad campaign
• Payment module- CPC vs CPM vs CPA
• Setting up conversion tracking
• Demographic, behaviours and interests
• Advance Facebook advertising using tools like
• Facebook Remarketing
• Implement Facebook pixel code

Twitter Marketing:

  • How to Setup a Twitter account
  • What is #Hash Tags
  • Importance of Hash Tags
  • Twitter: TweetDeck, Klout, PeerIndex
  • How to do marketing on Twitter
  • Advertising on Twitter
  • Creating campaigns
  • Types of ads
  • Tools for twitter marketing
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Twitter Cards

LinkedIn Marketing:

  • Introduction to LinkedIn
  • Creating the right profile and settings
  • Increasing reach and visibility
  • Difference between Company profile vs Individual profiles
  • Understanding Linkedin groups
  • How to do marketing on LinkedIn groups
  • Linkedin advertising & it best practices
  • Increasing ROI form linkedIn ads
  • Adv on linkedIn
  • Display vs text

YouTube Marketing

  • Getting started on YouTube
  • Creating 1st Video Campaign
  • Importance of video marketing
  • YouTube SEO
  • YouTube Annotations & Cards
  • Benefits of video marketing
  • Uploading videos on video marketing websites
  • Intro to Making Money on Youtube
  • Developing youtube video marketing Strategy
  • Bringing visitors from youtube videos to your website
  • Ways to promote youtube videos
  • Types of YouTube Campaigns
  • Creating Video Adgroups
  • Understanding Bid Strategy
  • YouTube Analytics

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