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Google Tag Manager is a tag management system created by Google to manage multiple JavaScript and HTML tags used for tracking and analytics on websites, mobile app.

In GTM, you not need to implement different – different code on the websites. You just need to implement one single code on the websites, mobile app.

As a Digital Marketer, you should aware of GTM. GTM is not an easy to use but not difficult to use and learn. It might be possible that you have installed and using some basic features but the power of Google Tag Manager goes far beyond these things.

In this course, you will get to know:
– how to use Google Tag Manager to deploy third-party tracking scripts.
– Set up tracking code without having to rely on a developer.
– How to track enhanced ecommerce tracking, Events, Buttons and many more.

Programme Highlights


  • Define Google Tag Manager & how it works
  • Google Tag Manager Account Structure

Google Tag Manager – Getting Started

  • Containers & Container Types
  • Data Layers
  • Workspaces
  • Triggers
  • Variables
  • Environments
  • Tags
  • Folders

Google Tag Manager – Setup

  • Google Tag Manager Account setup and Launch
  • User Management
  • Installing GTM Container on a HTML/PHP Website/Wordpress
  • Implementing Google Analytics Tags
  • Set up Search Console
  • Adwords Conversion Code
  • Facebook Pixel Code
  • Custom HTML tags to implement any other script or tracking

Google Tag Manager – Tracking

  • Conversion Tracking with GTM
  • Tracking External Link clicks in Google Analytics via GTM
  • Track button clicks in Google Analytics
  • File Downloads Tracking
  • Form Submission Tracking
  • Mouse Scrolling Tracking
  • Track a click on a CTA (Call To Action) Button
  • Tracking if users are viewing a particular section, image, banner etc.
  • Tracking embedded YouTube videos with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager – Events

  • Installing Facebook Pixel with Google Tag Manager
  • Deploying Facebook Remarketing Pixel
  • Facebook Event Tracking with GTM
  • Deploying Google Ads Remarketing Tag
  • Event Tracking with GTM and Google Analytics
  • Trigger Firing Conditions: Track Click Events on a Specific Element
  • Trigger Firing Conditions: Track Pageview events on certain pages

Google Tag Manager – Advance Tracking

  • The Data Layer: Unlocking the Real Power of Google Tag Manager
  • Ecommerce Tracking Via GTM
  • Cross Device Tracking via GTM
  • Adjusting Bounce Rate via GTM
  • Track Play and Pause events on in-page HTML5 Videos
  • Useful Tools: Google Tag Assistant and Ghostery (for Chrome)

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