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Top 10 Best Social Listening Tools

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A good reputation has become indispensable for all businesses today. No business can thrive without a good reputation. There is no room for doubt that a bad reputation is a sufficient condition for wrecking a business. So, businesses must monitor what people say about their products and services.

The power of social media in influencing businesses has increased beyond social media marketing. Today, social media and business go hand in hand. People are increasingly leveraging social media tools to discuss and share thoughts about business offerings. In this way, social media has enabled you to monitor what the people are saying about your business. You can know whether they are saying good or bad about your business offerings.

You can then take corrective measures if the reputation of the business is slipping towards the negative zone.

But how will you monitor the social media gossips related to your business so that you can figure out the direction in which your reputation is moving? Technology has the answer. You can monitor your reputation in the social media space through Social Listening Tools.

Social Listening: What is it?

Social listening involves businesses keeping an eye on the social media channels for feedback of customers, brand mentions, discussions related to the products and services, comments on competitors and so on.

The process involves two steps. While the first step includes monitoring social media for conversations and mentions; the second step involves the analysis of the information obtained from social media monitoring to gain insights.

The insights help businesses to take corrective measures in the event of falling reputation apart from enabling them to improve their products and services to meet the aspirations of customers.

Best Social Listening Tools

Although there are several Social Listening Tools in the market, we list 10 out of the best tools for social media monitoring for you to invest in 2020:

Best tools for Social Media

#1 Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a versatile social listening tool. It comprises the main dashboard on which you can view all brand mentions, messages, and comments across the various social media platforms. The dashboard also allows you to respond to social media conversations.

Its features also include the facility for you to track the social media influencers and you can import the list to share with the people of your company.

The social listening tool is equipped with many tools to keep track of the activities on social media. Among the associated tools, perhaps the most important one is the ‘boost option’, which customizes the paid social media campaigns. With the ‘boost option,’ you can optimize the engagement of your content by balancing organic reach with paid advertisements.

Compatible with all the social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest; Hootsuite also supports various social network integrations.

#2 Hubspot

Simply dubbing Hubspot as a social listening tool will somewhat be wrong. In addition to the social media monitoring capability, it also has features of typical inbound marketing software.

Hubspot is a single tool to perform multiple functions, such as running marketing campaigns, sharing content, and posting content to multiple social media platforms. Distinctively, it also finds out the right times to post social media content.

Through its interface, you can share posts on social media and also can respond to the comments as well as mentions. Moreover, you can compare the performance of your company and track the number of visits across various social media platforms.

As the tool is connected to the Hubspot CRM, the data is automatically updated in the contact records of your account.

Hubspot is compatible will all the social media platforms– Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest Twitter, and YouTube.

#3 Buffer

Buffer is a favorite social listening tool that enables your customer service team to respond to social media queries related to your products and services. The tool filters all the social media comments and mentions regarding your business with a shared inbox. Your employees can access the inbox and respond to the issues.

When its detailed features are taken into consideration, Buffer can find itself among the best social listening tools available in the market today. You can implement effective social media campaigns with its scheduling and publishing tools.

It also gives you the flexibility of monitoring your team’s performance by analyzing engagement as well as the behavior of the audience. The tool bears a remarkable feature that saves as well as analyzes your social media stories (such as on Instagram and Facebook ).

Buffer is friendly with all social media channels– Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

#4 TweetReach

TweetReach is a special kind of social listening tool that enables businesses to monitor as well as analyze posts on Twitter related to their business offerings. Among its strengths, TweetReach can calculate the number of Twitter accounts your hashtag or selected keyword has reached.

The tool also can analyze Twitter posts, giving you an analysis of what people are mentioning your business when the tweets were posted and stuff like that. TweetReach helps you to find out your most preferred followers on Twitter. So, you can target them in your tweets.

The Tracker tool, associated with TweetReach, is one of the best features that set the social listening tool apart. You can assign the Tracker tool to track any topic or profile or account. Likewise, you can also track pages of your competitors with the help of the Tracker tool. Eventually, you can even export the data through CSV or PDF files.

Although TweetReach is specially built for handling Tweeter accounts, it is also compatible with other social media channels, Instagram and Facebook.

#5 BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a fine social listening tool to analyze the posts on Facebook that are related to your business. The tool helps you to gain insights and derive conclusions from each Facebook post. With BuzzSumo, you will also be able to figure out the types of Facebook posts that will deliver the best results. Its capabilities go to the extent of enabling you to figure out the days as well as the times in the week you should post and what should be the lengths of your posts.

With the help of the tool, you can quickly access the most relevant posts without having to run through insignificant posts.

BuzzSumo includes a content delivery tool that enables you to identify your liked posts across various social media platforms. With a curation tool, BuzzSumo helps you to organize the shared content in terms of significance.

Despite BuzzSumo is especially inclined towards Facebook, other social media platforms– Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit—also work well.

#6 Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an exceptional social listening tool that helps you to strengthen your relationships with social media followers. It gives you valuable insights to improve your social media strategy.

With Twitter Listener dashboards, equipped with Sprout Social, you can analyze your Twitter interactions. Moreover, you can monitor direct messages and keywords about your brand with the real-time monitoring feature of the social listening tool.

Sprout Social includes advanced automation tools, which saves time by streamlining regular tasks through customizable workflows. You can monitor social media activity as well as filter out the incoming messages into a general inbox with the help of the social listening tool.

Additionally, Sprout Social has a feature that teaches users the ways to use its tools, enabling you to optimize it for faster performance.

Sprout Social is compatible with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

#7 Keyhole

Keyhole is a special social listening tool that enables you to analyze Twitter and Instagram posts. You can track hashtags, usernames, mentions and other such stuff across both the social media channels. Remarkably, Keyhole shows how conversations regarding your brand are different in various locations across the world. And that helps you to understand your target audiences in different geographies better. You can draw up customized plans to interact with your target audience geography-wise.

With an advanced analytics tool, Keyhole elicits valuable insights concerning your tracked hashtags. You will always remain up-to-date as the social listening tool records every post and your hashtag mentions in real-time. Besides, Keyhole, with the help of an artificial intelligence feature, can predict the performance of your hashtag in terms of engagement, reach and impressions.

Despite Keyhole being consistent with Instagram and Twitter and; it also is friendly with Facebook and Youtube.

#8 SumAll

SumAll is a typical social listening tool especially advantageous for small and midsized businesses. The tool saves you valuable time by enabling you to schedule automated social media posts. With many metrics about engagement in various social media channels, SumAll provides you the advantage of receiving email updates daily that compare the metrics of the current week with those of the preceding week to enable you to track your social media performance and make the necessary changes, if required.

With several user-friendly automation tools, you can easily schedule social media campaigns with the social listening tool.

#9 Mention

Mention is a robust social listening tool with the remarkable capability of tracking a large number of social media content across 42 languages. And that helps you to keep an eye over mentions of your brand on social media channels across many countries in the world. With the tool, you can also filter out the irrelevant content and focus only on the important content.

You can also compare the status of your brand on the social media platforms vis-a-vis your competitors. So you can post content of more relevance against those of your competitors.

Mention works well with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Buffer

#10 Awario

Awario is a very useful social listening tool that helps in building awareness of your brand. Tracking relevant keywords in almost all languages across the world, it allows you to grow a large customer base internationally through social media engagement.

You get every tool to monitor as well as respond to social media comments, enabling you to build meaningful relationships with your target customers.

The most remarkable feature of Awario is its “Social Selling” tool, which enables you to identify the posts about recommendations of products similar to yours or the posts users complain about your competitors. Your sales team can follow those leads for eliciting business.

Awario not only is compatible with Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube but also can connect with forums, blogs and external websites using an API.


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